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Saturday, February 19, 2005

A-Z Quiz

This was stolen from jootastic who stole it from someone else, who stole it from someone else.

Accent: I don't have one...I'm from Ohio!
Bra size(or bro for the men): 36D
Chore I hate: Loading the dishwasher
Dad's name: The Grandfather(that's what my son calls him)
Essential make-up/skin care products: Mary Kay lip balm and lip gloss
Favorite perfume/cologne: Don't wear perfume...I wear apple body splash
Gold or silver?: Has to be gold!
Hometown: Where I live now
Interesting fact: I can burp the alphabet
Job title: Home Relations Supervisor
Kids: One little boy
Living arrangements: 1 hubby, 1 son, 1 cat, 1 story home
Mom's birthplace: Columbus, Ohio
Number of apples or bananas eaten in the last week: I have had at least 7 bananas
Overnight hospital stays: 3 days because of having a C-sec
Phobia: I am afraid of falling
Question you ask yourself a lot: When can I eat next?
Religious affiliation: Southern Baptist
Siblings: 1 younger sis, 1 younger bro
Time I wake up: Most mornings...7 am
Unnatural hair color: Purple(I have actually had purple hair when my new red coloring was too dark)
Vegetable I Refuse to Eat: Cooked broccoli
Worst habit: Eating to much
X-rays?: Besides dental, my leg/ankle to see if it was was not
Yummy food I make: No-bakes!
Zodiac sign: Aquarius

Blogger Pete said...

Accent: I would have given Trin's answer of none, but people down South would say that we have a 'Midwestern Accent' or 'Northern Accent', so that is me.
Bra size(or bro for the men): I'm not sure what this is asking me. Does it want to know the size of my man meat? I don't even know this quiz well enough to be that intimate.
Chore I hate: Shoveling Snow
Dad's name: Phil
Essential make-up/skin care products: Soap, occasionally some lotion, especially in winter. The brand of either doesn't matter, just the smell.
Favorite perfume/cologne: Cool Water
Gold or silver?: Gold, it is worth more.
Hometown: Depends. If you mean where I was born, then Jeanette, PA. If you mean where I have spent the most years, then Columbus, baby.
Interesting fact: It involves the subject from letter B, and I still don't know this quiz well enough to tell.
Job title: Sr. Operations Analyst, but my boss said we can call ourselves anything we want since the job title doesn't match what we do. We have chosen: Code Monkey, Code Guru, Inventor of Code of the Elegant Variety, and other such nonsensical things.
Kids: 3, 2 girls and 1 boy
Living arrangements: Me, wife, said kids, in a 3 br, 2.5 bath house
Mom's birthplace: Irwin, PA
Number of apples or bananas eaten in the last week: 2 or 3 bananas and like 5 apples
Overnight hospital stays: Plenty. 4 just for my arm, which was compound fractured with a heaping help of nerve damage (one stay was over a month). I have also stayed overnight just recently for my kidney stone.
Phobia: Albuminurophobia would be a good choice for me. But, how about Phobophobia?
Question you ask yourself a lot: How did I get so darn good looking? (Just kidding) Probably a food related question like Trin.
Religious affiliation: Southern Baptist
Siblings: one brother (younger)
Time I wake up: 5:40 am
Unnatural hair color: I have never dyed my hair, though I used Sun-in once
Vegetable I Refuse to Eat: Broccoli of any manner or preparation.
Worst habit: There are too many, I don't know if I can define worst.
X-rays?: 20 million on said arm. Loelsh did one on my ankle when it was sprained. I have also gotten 6 on my kidney thus far and will be getting more this Thursday.
Yummy food I make: Everything I make is yummy.
Zodiac sign: Cancer (Don't mind the crab, but being associated with Cancer SUCKS!)

February 21, 2005 8:38 AM


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