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Friday, March 11, 2005

And They're Out!

I was finally able to take my son to the doctor so that his stitches could be removed. I took him over yesterday morning and had to wait almost an hour before we were lead back to a room. Once there, we were seen immediately. The nurse weighed my son in at 42 pounds(he is such a big boy!) and told me what to expect with the stitch removal.

The doctor was in to see us less than 5 minutes later... and it was a good thing too since the boy was getting restless. She didn't want to have to use a papoose board, so she called in a nurse and the male receptionist to help hold my son down. I sat him down on my lap and crossed my legs over his, the nurse held his head down, and the receptionist held his arms as the doctor cut out the stitches. It was going well until one of the stitches pulled. My son started crying about this time since it took the doctor about 30 seconds to remove the stuck stitch.

Well, the doctor finally got all the stitches removed (and it only took about a minute total). She said there was no infection, thank the Lord! My son got his sticker... and we got out of there quick. He really did a good job.

His eyebrow looks great. There is still a little redness, but the doc said that it was normal. I think it healed up quite nicely. He will always have a scar now, but I was told that if I put sun-block on him before going out(for the next six months), it will not be as noticeable.

Life is so grand, don't you think?


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