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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The Pacifier

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Plot Summary: The film is the story of an undercover agent who, after failing to protect an important government scientist, learns the man's family is in danger. In an effort to redeem himself, he agrees to take care of the man's children only to discover that child care is his toughest mission yet.

I originally wasn't going to blog about this movie, but a friend of mine encouraged me to do so to get the word out on how terrible it was/is.

My sister and I saw The Pacifier on Saturday. And I have got to say that this movie is craptastic! The only reason I even saw it in the first place was because my sis talked me into it. She is a huge Vin Diesel fan so she just had to see it.

First off, I noticed several inconsistencies throughout the movie. It got quite annoying! It was also very corny. It was supposed to be a kid's movie(hence the corniness), but there was also a lot of violence throughout it. I understand that Vin Diesel can't do a movie without the violence, but come on's for the kids. (Somehow Bruce Willis was able to calm down for his movie, The why not Vin?)

Okay, to sum it up, I would definitely not recommend this movie to anyone! There is to much violence for kids and not entertainment for adults.

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