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Friday, March 04, 2005

Use This Twice A Day

You are a toothbrush. You are a control freak. You love to be in charge of everything, and like to do things yourself instead of indirectly. Hands-on projects are your favorite. You like to accomplish things the hard way, even if it means getting dirty. You have high priorities and set goals for your life, which will make you very successful. However, you will have to dig deep and get rid of all the crap people throw at you in order to have a promising future.

Most compatible with: Toilet Paper, and Windex.

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Blogger ghraper said...

The quiz said I was WindexYou are a neat freak. Quite plain and simple. If you walk into an unorganized area, you go insane. Most of your free time is spent cleaning and organizing, when you aren't having fun with you friends. Even though many are annoyed by your constant organizing, some see it as a quality of neatness, and that is something most people envy about you. The opposite sex sees you as clean-cut and pure, though you are too shy to express your true feelings for them. You keep a list of goals and priorities in your life, and in almost all cases, accomplish them. You are the over-acheiver, most intelligent in your class, and strive to do all that is in your ability. Some people may try to take advantage of you, however, so don't let them make you clean up their messes. "Just put some Windex on it."

...but after reading the results for

Toilet PaperYou are used and taken advantage of by a lot of people, including your friends. They make you be the one to clean up their messes in their life. But the only reason that this happens is because of your kindness and commitment. These are the qualities most members of the opposite sex look for, which makes you hot. Yes, toilet paper is hot. But be careful that your lover doesn't use you to their advantage, and be sure that they are not seeking too much control. Remember: Toilet paper is used by many, but is most often considered valuable when it is not there in time of need.

I think they both contain some truth.

March 04, 2005 2:13 PM

Blogger Guru said...

I be a toothbrush. I took the quiz a few times and put my 2nd and 3rd choices in and kept getting toothbrush over and over. So, I'm a toothbrush.

March 05, 2005 10:19 AM


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