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Monday, February 28, 2005

Crazy Meijer Guy

I ran into the crazy Meijer guy again tonight. I have written about this guy before here. He loves to follow me around the produce section.

Tonight I was looking for bananas when I spotted him coming around the corner. He did the head nod hello as I hurried past him. I then continued my shopping a few aisles down. As I was looking at an item on the shelf, he comes down the same aisle I was shopping in! I could be wrong, but it looked like that he was looking for me. He walked past me starring at me the entire time! What is up with this guy? I know I am a hot mommy, but come on guy...quit stalking me.

I made sure this guy didn't try to follow me out to my car. That's all I need...him knowing where I live. Maybe I can hook him up with my sister. She's into crazy guys!

Life is grand with the crazy Meijer guy!


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