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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Dinner With The Grandparents

As some of you remember, there was a lot of family stress involving my grandparents around the holidays. There have been some events in the past that have caused hurt feelings for everyone involved. Instead of my grandparents being neutral concerning their two sons, they have chosen one over the other. They even moved two blocks away from their favorite son and his family. Also, my grandma daily watches the two girls from this family. She has pushed the rest of us out of her life, but then gives guilt trips when we don't come over to see her and grandpa.

Well, last night we had dinner with them to celebrate a few b-days and anniversaries. The fav son and his family said they were going to be there, but didn't show(they have only known about this for a month). We brought their C-mas gifts for them to open since they refused to celebrate the holiday at my sister's house. (Read more about it here and here.) While my grandparents opened their gifts, they went on and on about us coming over to their house to get our C-mas presents. Even though we got together(and met half way) to do a present exchange, she told us that our C-mas gifts were just too much for her to bring. All the while I was thinking...likely story. They actually wanted us to come over that night! We were already downtown, but they are still a good 25 min away...and it was after 9pm. Riiiiiight grandma, keep dreaming.

Don't get me wrong, I love my grandma. She just drives me insane with her crazy ways and guilt trips. She loves to guilt trip me about not bringing my son over to her house so she can see him. If she is so concerned about seeing him, why doesn't she just hop in her car and come to my house to visit with him? Why does she give me a hard time about coming half way to meet for lunch? She refuses to do this. It's usually her house or nothing.

She also loves to bring up how sick my grandpa is even though he had to get a job after his retirement. For some reason they decided to sell a home that they had paid off to build themselves a house. So because of this new monthly payment, my g-pa(in his condition) had to get a job while she stays home and watches her favorite grandkids all week. Crazy!

I just don't know what to do with her. My fear is that I will be like her when I am her age. I am a very stubborn woman, but she takes it to the next level. But, I guess she would rather have something to complain about then to met anyone half way.

Life is grand with crazy grandparents!


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