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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Grandma's, Gotta Love Them, Part 3

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I decided to volunteer to call grandma to see what was going on with C-mas. Since I am the oldest grandchild and I am also somewhat removed from past hurtful situations, I felt as though she would listen to me.

Well she listened to me, but she didn't like what I had to say. She went on and on with her famous guilt trips. In the end, nothing was settled and I still am not sure what is going on.

Here is some of the convo after polite greetings:

Me: Well g-ma I called to tell you that my sis still wants C-mas at her house. So does my family and my aunt's family. I hope this is okay with you.

G-ma: Well, your sis said that I could have C-mas at my home.

Me: Actually g-ma, my sis has wanted it all along. She never agreed to you having it. She is also preparing her home to have the family and she is very excited.

G-ma: She doesn't have room in her home for all of us. At my home, we have enough room to have the family. Also, if we need to get away from each other, I have the room for people to separate and get away from each other.

Me: I'm sorry g-ma, but the family still wants it at my sister's house. She has a small home, but she has plenty of room for all of us.

G-ma: Well that's too bad, it's my turn for C-mas and I am having it at my house. I have the room, it will be over here!

This is when I get to flustered to continue talking. She is not giving this up! I tell her that I will get back with her after I talk to the family. I can tell that she is on the verge of tears right before I hang up. I then immediately call up my folks and tell them about the convo.

My dad offers some words of wisdom and says that we need to call her back. He says that he is willing to make the call, but I feel like I need to see this through. My dad is also in enough trouble with her as it is, he doesn't need to make things worse for himself. When we finish talking, I call g-ma back. My grandpa answers saying that g-ma can't come to the phone since they have company over. I am not sure that I believe him. Sound fishy to you blogworld?

I am not sure what to do next. My family is going to my sister's either way. I love my g-ma, but I just want to give her a piece of my mind. It's so hard for me to speak to her or anyone who intimidates me.

I need to call her back today. I don't know if she will talk to me. Maybe I can just send her an email telling her exactly what will be happening. If she shows up at my sister's, great! If not, I am not going to worry about it.

Blogger Drifter said...

This is so totaly like the eppy of Still Standing last nite....the battle for the party funny how these things happen......but families.....ya gotta lov'em!!!

December 21, 2004 10:01 AM


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