Life is Grand!!!

Monday, December 20, 2004


Today I got a wonderful surprise from the one year olds mom. She and her hubby gave me a gift cert for C-mas. First off, I wasn't expecting anything from them. I bought their son a few gifts for the holiday, but I didn't want anything in return.

Second, the gift cert was for Outback Steakhouse. I love this restaurant, but I am not able to go very often because they are expensive. My favorite food of theirs is The Outbacker. It's a huge hamburger on a grilled bun! It is so good, but I also like their cheese fries with bacon. Yumness!

Third, the gift certificate is for $50!!! That's right, I typed $50! I couldn't believe my eyes! It was so nice of them, but I feel like I don't deserve the great gift. Sure, I watch their son three days a week, but that is what they pay me for. I guess the gc is my C-mas bonus? I don't know, but I am very thankful.

Life is grand with bonuses!


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