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Monday, March 14, 2005

No Money

My sis and I got together trying to think of ideas for what to do for my parent's anniversary. Since non of us have money, we decided to make lunch for everyone. We would have loved to go out to a restaurant with my parents(they also doesn't have any money right now) to celebrate their big day, but it's so expensive.

Anyway, my sis and I put together a menu for a Sunday meal. Then we went to the grocery to buy some of the food(I already had half of the food in my cupboards). That's when I found out that I would be buying all the food!

Okay, it was her idea to have a home-made dinner, but she was not going to contribute to it! She offered to help cook, but I don't trust her with a hot stove/oven. She even didn't have any money to put towards my parents gift. I ended up buying all the food and a $50 gift for my parents. I also had to include my brother in on the gift since he didn't get anything and I didn't want him to be empty handed.

What a crock!!! How great of a sister am I?!!!

Blogger Guru said...

The sister that is waay too nice. Even if they couldn't pony up an even portion, they should have given you something. One still lives there, the other gets taken out weekly (or got to recently, anyway) and yet you are the one to pitch in all the food, all the cooking, and all the $$$ for a pretty expensive gift.

They f*cked you... did you at least get a kiss? It makes it easier, anyway.

March 14, 2005 2:06 PM


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