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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Just For Fun

I am 31% evil.

I could go either way. I have sinned quite a bit but I still have a bit of room for error. My life is a tug of war between good and evil.

Are you evil? find out at

Make your own visited states map! Like me, you can also select the states that you have only driven through along with the visited. Use this link to start your map.

Blogger Guru said...

I am 34% evil. The little admonition is the same as yours.

The funny thing is, though, I still have 16% more evil to do just to be a balanced person!

December 14, 2004 6:31 AM

Blogger Guru said...

Oh, I forgot. Here is my map...

December 14, 2004 6:35 AM

Blogger loelsh said...

I am also borderline at 38% evil.

December 14, 2004 8:31 AM


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