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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Hair Cuts And Throw Up

Today I took the two year old red head and my three year old son to my mom's beauty shop to get their hair cut. My mom got out her booster seat to accommodate the littles that would soon be sitting in the salon chair. My son has never liked getting his hair cut, so the red head went first. He sat very quietly while my mom cut off an inch of his curls. He didn't even move as my mom trimmed up his neck with her electric clippers. After his cut, he was rewarded with a very yummy red tootsie pop.

Then it was my son's turn. This boy hates getting his hair cut. He was fine the first two times it was ever cut, but after that he didn't want anything of it. He even told us today that big boys don't' get their hair cut! Can you believe him??

Well, after much fighting I got him to sit on my lap for a rushed trim. Nothing would keep the kid still...not even a sucker! He ended up getting hair all over me and in his mouth from wiggling around. After a few minutes of fussing and crying, my mom said that that was the best she could do under the circumstances. She told me though to just not tell people who cuts his hair. Heehee!

The three of us went straight back to my place after the beauty shop since the boys needed a nap. It wasn't two minutes after laying the red head down that I heard it. After having a little coughing spell, the red head got rid of his lunch. Oh great, I said to myself. I cleaned up the bed, put his cloths in the washer, and got him a bath. The stuff was everywhere...on his arms, his legs, even his hair. But, after the bath he felt much better. I had him lay down with me on the couch. He finally got his nap, but it took some work!

My son actually went down for a nap today as well. He usually takes a nap once, maybe twice a week. So, it was incredible that he even went down and it was before 3pm! I was so excited that I took a nap as well. I think I deserved one after dealing with the boys today.

Life is grand with naps!!!

Blogger Robin said...

My son is exactly the same way with haircuts, and he's 7!

As far as the throw-up, been there...way too many times as a matter of fact!

Glad you could make up for your day with a nap! :)

April 23, 2005 1:32 PM

Blogger a mom said...

gotta love days like that huh? they just stink. sounds like you keep your cool though.

did you get a nap too?

April 23, 2005 10:58 PM

Blogger Trinity13 said...

Yup, I got to take a two hour nap! It was wonderful!!!

April 24, 2005 6:18 PM


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