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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

My Neighbor

I have disliked my neighbor from the day I saw him. He is a pain in the you know where. Here is his story. Every summer he competes with the neighbors to have the shortest grass. If he were to mow on a Mon and I mow on a Wed, he would be out the next day(or even that day) mowing his yard. He hates seeing my grass shorter than his. He would also mow into my yard to make his yard look bigger.

But, then winter comes. All of a sudden what was part of his sidewalk is now mine. That's right, in the summer, part of my yard is his and in the winter part of his sidewalk to shovel becomes mine. Can you see why I don't like this guy? I hate even looking at him. He makes me so mad.

He is also the paper delivery guy for part of the neighborhood. My hubby and I ended up canceling our weekly subscription because we got the paper 1-2 times out of the week. What a butt-munch he is (the neighbor, not the hubby)!

I won't even go into what his girls do. I won't mention that they like to ring my door bell and run or the fact that they ride their bikes through my yard. No, no...I won't talk about them.

Good news though. I noticed that my nasty neighbor put up a for sale sign in his yard!!! They will soon be gone!!! I can't wait! I will pray that their home sells quickly.

Life is grand when the neighbors are moving!

Blogger ghraper said...

When he came over the other night to ask me if I'd fix his computer for free, he mentioned that they were building a new house. I could hardly hold in my joy! I was like, "Oh really?!" "Well good for you!" Then once he left our porch I put him out of my mind where he belongs. Thanks for the reminder that they're moving and taking those bratty kids, and chimney smoking mother who pick weeds out of our yard with them. I just hope we get some good replacement neighbors, or we're gonna have to start looking for a new house.

January 26, 2005 8:10 AM


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