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Monday, March 21, 2005

Monday's Weigh In

I had a pretty good week last week. I lost 4 pounds in the first two days and one more pound by the end of the week. So I am down another 5 pounds! This means I only have 3 more pounds to go...and I am tied with Guru right now. He also only has 3 pounds left in the first challenge.

Blogger A Woman From Illinois said...

!!!SSSSSHHHH!!!! Don't tell Guru, but I hope you win!! ;-))))

March 21, 2005 9:30 PM

Blogger Guru said...

Man, AWFI, I thought that we were friends. I guess that I see how it is. (stomps off to pout)

March 22, 2005 3:28 AM

Blogger Trinity13 said...

Awww, it's okay Guru. You are just going to have to deal with this up and coming Trinity victory. It's inevitable.

Just remember that while you will lose to me in the weight loss challenge, you always kick butt in Trin's Trivia. (Life is grand for you that way.)

March 22, 2005 8:58 AM


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