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Saturday, April 30, 2005

10 Things I Hate About Me

My hubby G asked on his blog for his readers to tell about the things they don't like about themselves. Well, here ya go dear:

-I don't usually get excited about things or events. This makes people think that I am upset or that I don't care, but I do

-I tend to get upset very quickly. It happens in a matter of seconds. I get out of control and can be violent to unsuspecting pillows.

-I am very controlling. I like things done my way(since my way is the best way...heehee).

-I have to win arguments. Just ask my hubby about that one.

-I am can be very sensitive. Words affect me big time.

-I don't take criticism well. Again it has to do with how words greatly affect me.

-I can be really lazy. When the housework is done, all I feel like doing is relaxing in front of the TV. I know that I should find something to do around the house(there is always something), but I am too lazy to do so.

-I don't have much self confidence. I am always doubting myself emotionally and physically.

-I like to push people buttons/I am an antagonist. I guess I get this from being the oldest child.

-I'm not quick on my toes. I just take to long to think about things which makes me appear to be indecisive.


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