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Wednesday, January 26, 2005


I love my daily exercising to my Tae-Bo tape. Here's the problem...I usually ended up either punching myself in the face or kneeing my boob. Most of the time, it is the latter. I love the knee crunches, but I my boobs are sore afterward. I just get really into my workout. I get into the exercising mood and I forget about where my knees are going.

I should buy a protective cup for my boobs. The bra is just not cutting it.

Blogger ghraper said...

Just let me know if you need me to rub your sore spots or kiss your boo(b) boos. I'll help ya out anyway I can.

January 26, 2005 8:00 AM

Blogger Trinity13 said...

Ummmm, if you get any where near my sore spots, watch out for my knee. Instead of it hitting my boob, it will hit your crotch. Juat a warning, but thank you for your concern.

January 26, 2005 8:38 AM

Blogger loelsh said...

Dag, that doesn't really seem like the response a wife would give her hubby, but whatever lol. Do you wear a sports bra or a regular bra to work out? You should be able to buy a really tight sports bra to hold 'em in to where they don't hang down/out so far, that's the purpose of sports bras for women with breasisis to stopemfromfloppin'. I have a tight sprt. bra that holds my D/DD b.o.l.t.s. in pretty snugly. Just a suggestion.

January 26, 2005 10:43 AM

Blogger ghraper said...

I'm just never gonna try to be funny again.

January 26, 2005 12:25 PM

Blogger Trinity13 said...

G- Hey, I was just trying to be funny right back at ya! Ha.......ha.

Lo- I actually wear a tight sports bra everytime I workout. I just get so excited/carried away that I don't realize how far up I am knee kicking. I guess I am more concerned about getting rid of my stomach flab then about hurting my boobs. Ahhhh, such is life.

January 26, 2005 1:27 PM


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