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Monday, February 07, 2005

Monday's Weigh In

I weighed myself this morning not expecting to have lost even one pound. I didn't think that I had a very good week. That's because at the beginning of last week I hurt my back while exercising. I guess I got too carried away with my punching and my back wasn't happy with it. I was trying to continue with my workouts throughout the week, but I had to be careful how I moved. One wrong move and my back would scream out in pain. Not good times.

My back is much better this week and I am now working out to a Tae Bo tape that doesn't require me to use much of my back muscles. Instead it works out my leg and butt muscles. I didn't even know I had butt muscles! It would be great to loss a little arse.

Anyway, I ended up losing 2 pounds! I know it's not much, but since I wasn't expected any weight loss, I'm a happy girl. How did everyone else do?

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Blogger Guru said...

My weigh-in is here.

February 07, 2005 2:57 PM


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