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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Teen Titans

Yes, I will be the first 25 year old woman to admit that I still love cartoons. The kid in me could watch them all day. I especially love to watch Teen Titans. I don't purposefully try to watch the show. I don't even know when it's supposed to be on everyday. It's just that if I am channel surfing and come across the show, I will stop and watch it. I happen to love one of the titans-Robin. As a kid I collected Robin comic books. I was(and still am) a geek at heart. I guess I was attracted to the hand drawn Robin in his tight tights. Yummy!

For all you cartoon geeks out there, here is a quiz for you. Enjoy!

You are most like Raven. Quiet and usually soft
spoken, you don't like crowds and can be
slightly gothic. You try to repress your
emotions for one reason or another but one of
your most powerful emotions is your anger. Your
temper sometimes gets the best of you and when
that happens those in your way would wish they
weren't. You seem somewhat creepy to others and
you earn a few odd stares but who cares? You
aren't an outdoors person and avoid venturing
outside when you can. You are generally the
smart one and maybe not by trying to, the most
cynical and sarcastic of the bunch which can be
good or bad. You don't like anyone invading
your privacy and you don't seem to be all that
social. But for what it's worth you can be
quite handy in a tough situation. You are drawn
to the darkness or night most of the time. You
appear mysterious and/or potentially dangerous
at times and not everyone trusts you right

Which Teen Titans Character Are You?
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