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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

A Great Weekend

It's true, I had a wonderful weekend. It started off with my nieces coming over to spend the night. We had so much fun together. We even went and borrowed a few dvds from my parents. (They buy everything!) After getting home, I put in Ella Enchanted. It's a really cute movie, but the girls ended up falling asleep around the middle of it.

After sleeping the entire night in their own sleeping bags(usually they find their way to my room in the middle of the night), they helped me make cinnamon pancakes. Then we watched The Incredibles while we ate our breakfast. The girls loved the Jack-Jack Attack special in the dvd extras section.

After a morning of playing and having fun, we met my sister(since my hubby had to work) at the cheapo theater to see Racing Stripes. The kids really enjoyed this movie because of all the talking animals(With the voices of Frankie Muniz, Mandy Moore, Michael Clarke Duncan, Jeff Foxworthy, Joshua Jackson, Snoop Dogg, Joey Pants, Michael Rosenbaum, Steve Harvey, David Spade, Dustin Hoffman, and Whoopi Goldberg). My son loved the flies talking about biting horses and eating poop. What a typical boy!

We got home and while my son put himself down for a nap(crazy, I know!), the girls, my sis, and I colored some eggs for Easter. The finished eggs looked beautiful! The girls really did a great job. After they left, I was able to start getting things ready for Easter. I had to dust off the iron to press our Sunday cloths. I don't think I had used the things since Easter of last year! I also got the food ready for the next day along with other little tasks that needed to be done around the house.

I got up early the next day to continue working on some deviled eggs for lunch. My son and hubby didn't get up till 10, so they both only had a half an hour to get ready with me. I wore this really pretty blue Asian style long dress shirt with my khaki pants. The shirt(which was only $2.99!!!) was a little big since I bought it over a month ago while I was 15 pounds heavier. But, I could live with it...heehee!

We were quite rushed, but got to my father-in-laws church a few minutes early. We got to hear the same old Easter sermon we do every year. What a joy!

After church, my hubby and I had to head back home to pick up a change of cloths and the deviled eggs. Then, we were off to my parents house for a wonderful dinner of ham, potatoes, green beans, deviled eggs, hot pineapple, rolls, and plenty of dessert.

I had way too much chocolate! I just couldn't help was sooo good! I thinks it's okay to cheat a little on holidays. Who wants to be good when there is so much great food and family around?

Life is grand with chocolate!

Blogger Faith in Florida said...

Life is grand with chocolate!

My thoughts exactly...

March 30, 2005 10:16 AM


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