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Friday, March 25, 2005

New Blog To Read

Recently I have been finding some great new blogs to read. I just found Cady the other day and I thought I would celebrate this by stealing a quiz and a post idea from her. Thanks girl!

First the quiz:

Which HP Kid Are You?

And now the questionnaire:
How many...
1. Computer-related gadgets do you own? 6...I think.
2. Pictures on your living/family room walls? I don't have any pictures in my family room, but I have 15 pictures in the hall way.
3. Magnets on your refrigerator? Over 70
4. Reference books in your bookshelves? Bookshelves? What bookshelves? I have to store my books in a big tupperware container that holds up a tv.
5. Boxes of cereal in your cupboards? son is a cereal freak!
6. Lamps in your house? 8
7. Times a week do you shop for groceries? I go major grocery shopping once a month with little stops for milk or bread once or twice a week
8. Magazines do you subscribe to? 2, Reader's Digest and Our Daily Bread.
9. TV programs do you watch on a regular basis? Ummm, 7 I think: CSI Miami, American Idol, Charmed, Smallville, Extreme Makeover Home Edition, Desperate Housewives, and Boston Legal.
10. Items on your bathroom counter that don't really need to be there? Ahhh, a few. I have a toy globe, a used up lint roller, and my hubby's Nextel.


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