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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

An Un-enjoyable Visit

Today I scheduled myself a visit with my obgyn. I haven't been to a check up since my now three year old son was 6 weeks's time. Anyway, I called to get an appointment to make sure that everything is running smoothly down there. Since I have been off the birth control for almost two years, I want the doctor could check me out and see if I am healthy in the baby making area.

So, I called the doctor's office and the receptionist told me that my doc(a female) was booked till September! I really didn't want to wait 6 months to be checked out so I told my sad little story to the receptionist. After putting me on hold for a minute, she asked if I would care to be seen by the nurse practitioner THIS Thursday. I immediately said yes!

Here's the problem...the receptionist said that the nurses name is Sam. With a neutral name like that, I am not sure if I am being seen by a man or a woman. I am not exactly comfortable with a man seeing all of my most private parts. That's why I went with a female doctor to have my son. But, in order to be seen soon, I had to go with the nurse practitioner(oh please be a female).

I know that during my C-sec that a few male nurses and doctor saw me somewhat naked from the waist down...but none of them tested my boobs for lumps like they do in office visits. I am a little afraid of some strange nurse man touching me. Am I crazy for this???

Blogger ghraper said...

My goodness no! If I were you, I'd probably walk out and reschedule if it was a dude. That's just me.

March 22, 2005 11:07 PM

Blogger Guru said...

G, that is because you are a f'ing p*ssy. Man up, dude.

I got slapped with a female to do my two operations for my kidney. I didn't walk out because a woman was going to touch and insert things into my penis.

Trin will stay, man or woman, because having a baby is more important to her than her momentary uncomfortability. She has set her priorities. Baby above self.

I would just hope that if she checks out okay, you will put your fears aside and go see a doctor, too.

March 23, 2005 7:12 AM

Blogger Guru said...

To be read with kindness and no sarcasm

That was a little harsh, so I want to restate it. G, I think I know what you were trying to do/say when you commented, but I wanted to stress how important it is to Trin to have this checkup. If it was being administered by an elephant - as long as it was board certified - I think that she would be in there.

Her actions show how badly she wants the child and how seriously she is taking it. I fear that your flip comments indicate that you would not do the same and go see a doctor if she checks out okay.

It is not fun to hear, but if she is fairly okay, and you have been trying so long, then the problem just could lie with you and you are not doing all that you can if you don't see a doctor.

If you need a referral, I would suggest the office that handled my kidney stone. They handle everything having to do with "down there" and they have plenty of male doctors, if that is a problem.

Just don't let it take too long before you act. You have been trying for almost two years. That indicates a problem. Men like to solve problems... solve the problem, man.

You can do it.

March 23, 2005 9:26 AM

Blogger loelsh said...

First of all, you guys are a couple of sissies for not wanting a DOCTOR of the opposite sex to check you out. :) I kind of understand as I also chose a female dr. for my ob/gyn. (I was also 17 at the time). And when Luke was born, my female dr was not on duty at the hospital so a male dr did the delivery and I had no concerns. He's a dr. plain and simple. He does this for a living, so He's seen his fair share of "down there"'s.
On a side note, trin, you can relax a bit. I used to work at that ob/gyn office and Sam is a female. From my experience there, the women either love her or hate her.

March 23, 2005 1:29 PM

Blogger Trinity13 said...

Thanks Lo for putting my little("sissy") concern at rest...even though if Sam had been a man(or an elephant), I would have still gone through with the appointment.

Btw people, what's with all the name calling in the comments?(rhetoric question) I don't think it's necessary(even if in good fun).

March 23, 2005 6:33 PM


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