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Thursday, March 31, 2005

My Kitty

I am getting ready to take Miss Kitty to the vet today. She will be getting up to date on shots, getting fixed, and getting de-clawed...finally! My hubby and I actually have a little bit of money this month to be able to send the cat to the doc. We are both a little tired of her scratching us and messing up two spots on the couch.

I think she knows that something is going on since I had to take away her food from her last night. She wasn't allowed to eat after 9pm. So, she has been really lovey this morning and meowing for her food, which I won't give her.

The vet told me that I should buy some special paper litter for her litter box. She needs something that won't get stuck in her paws. I will do anything to make sure that her newly de-clawed paws don't get infected. I don't want another trip to the vet.

Btw, I know a post about my cat is boring...but that's all I got. Life is grand that way!


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