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Friday, December 31, 2004

My Crazy Sis

Recently, my sister has given me a few new reasons to worry about her. She has been asking some questions to which she should already know the answers. We grew up in a Christian home and went to church three times a week, but it seems like she doesn't really know about her faith.

Here is the background. A week ago, my sis was walking through Walmart when some guy walked past her and complimented her. He told her that she looked hot. She questioned him because although she is very outgoing, she doesn't think that she is attractive. I think she is with her cute haircut and her big beautiful lips. Anyway, she questioned him which started an entire conversation and they ended up trading numbers.

After a few days of talking about how he just broke up with his live in girlfriend of 8 years, his 2 year old, and his smoking habit, my sis decided to give him her address so that he could pick her up for a date. Btw, my 21 year old virgin sis lives alone.

If that were not bad enough, then you add her questions. She asked both my mom and myself if we would be okay with her eloping. Eloping!!! She was worried about the family approving a mixed race marriage.

She also asked my mom why she and my dad didn't approve of sex before marriage. They told her that it was not their rule, but God's rule from the Bible. She then asked my mom if she would love a child conceived out of wedlock. Who is this girl? What happened to my sister? I know she is naive to the ways of the world, but come on girl!

She told both my mom and I that she didn't think that this was the guy for her, but then the next day she kissed him. I know this doesn't seem like a big deal, but this was her first kiss!

I know she is desperate for a man, any man. She has wanted to get married and have kids for years now. She sees me with my 6 year marriage and my 2 year old and she wants that. She is willing to compromise her beliefs that have this. I am so scared for her.

Tomorrow I am having both her and her new guy over for lunch. I really want to meet the daddy of my sister's future baby. I hope this won't be true, but right now, I really don't know. Please pray that my hubby and I will have the right words to say to this loser... I mean this guy.

Life is grand with a crazy sister!

Blogger l.a.h. said...

Oh no! This girl is TWENTY ONE and has been on ONE date with this guy, and she's talking about eloping??? That sounds like a pretty bad sign to me. I'm not sure what I would say to her, but I'm sure you'll find the right words. I guess my thoughts are just that she's only 21!!! She's got SO much time and there will be SO many guys ... just because he's the FIRST one doesn't mean he's the RIGHT one. She should be flattered by his attention and leave it at that.

Let us know how it turns out.

January 02, 2005 2:20 AM

Blogger Trinity13 said...

Like I said, she is desperate to get married. I told her to take advantage of her single life, to not be so quick to get married. She doesn't understand.

January 02, 2005 9:43 AM


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