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Wednesday, December 29, 2004


I know, I haven't really posted anything in a few days. I am on vacation, do ya blame me?

I have been enjoying the time spent with my son. He is so much fun! I love running around the house together. He is just so much more pleasant when the other boys are not around.

The poor kid ended up getting a rash on his neck and arms. I think it is because of the new clothing he got for C-mas. I guess I need to wash the stuff twice before I let him wear it just to be safe. The rash should clear up in a few days.

I had so many things that I wanted to do this week. I wanted to organize all my kitchen cupboards along with my bedroom. If I don't know what to do with something, it goes into the bedroom where no one can see it. I wanted to clean it up, but since I am on vacation, I don't want to do a thing. It seems like the perfect time to have a winter cleaning, but I want to enjoy myself this week. I want to just relax and enjoy the time with my son. Is that so wrong? I think not.

Life is grand when you're on vacation!

Blogger loelsh said...

I say, sit back, relax and enjoy your time off. Your son will only be little once and there will always be cleaning to do. So enjoy him now and clean later.

December 29, 2004 11:05 PM


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