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Friday, December 24, 2004


Wow, today has been a very busy day as you can tell since this is my first post. I found out I was not watching the red head, but that him and his mom were going to stop by and have a little gift exchange with my son and I. While giving my boy a bath, she shows up. I quickly dry and dress my son as I talk to my g-ma who has just called. I hang up with her and finish up the boy so that he can open his gift from the red head. My son got a wonderful Dora toy that has flashing lights and loud talking in not only English, but Spanish. Oh course, he loves it! The red head also loves his new really cool Bob the Builder toy. I got a nice gift from his mother and in return I gave her a necklace charm.

After staying for over an hour, my company leaves and I get to leave the house to get some much needed errands accomplished. I really needed to get to a Best Buy, but all the locations around me didn't have power. What a bummer!

After Best Buy, my son and I went to the Dollar Store to get more gift bags. I ran out of bags last night and the store has the best prices. Get this, the bags were only a dollar! Imagine that, a dollar store selling things for a dollar! Wow, what a concept.

Anyway, after that we went to my mom's house to drop off her hairdresser gift and to pick up the cookies I helped her make. I have got to say that the peanut butter fudge tastes fantastic! My hubbies side of the family gets to try some tomorrow at our C-mas dinner. I hope it will be liked.

Then my son and I spent 40 min on a stretch of road that usually takes 5 min, after leaving grammies. He ended up falling asleep, so we went home instead of finishing up our tasks. I sent my hubby out for one more errand while I unloaded the my car.

This has been the only time today to get my blog on. If feels great to have everything done!

Holidays are grand! (Major sarcasm!)


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