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Thursday, December 23, 2004


My hubby and I used my $50 Outback gc yesterday. We ate like royalty! I actually ordered a drink(an iced tea) and an appetizer- the cheese fries. G got a $19 steak while I got the pork chops. I ended up bringing home one of the chops and my entire baked potato along with a few slices of bread(chocolate bread). We also had a very yummy dessert- a sunday. It was a scoop of vanilla ice cream covered in fried cocoanut on top of hot chocolate sauce. It also had whipped cream and strawberries on it. It was really good! We ended up using the entire gc which is a good thing. I don't want to hang onto a gift card that only has $5 on it.

After dinner we went to the cheapo theater(that I used to work at) to see Ladder 49. It was a decent movie, but it had too many slow spots in it.

Today I am planning on buying the honey baked hams. I hope I don't stand in line too long because I need to get to my mom's house to start baking cookies. A few of us ladies are getting together to make about 6 different types of treats. My mom makes the 7 layer bars and the fudge. I make the peanut butter blossoms and the no-bakes. My mom's friend does the chocolate crinkles. My sis makes up the white and regular chocolate covered pretzels. If we have time, we will be making a few more kinds like snickerdoodles and mint choc chip cookies. I hope everything goes well. It should figuring that my sis doesn't try to help cook/bake. God love her, but she doesn't follow directions very well. That is why she has the pretzel job. Who can screw up melting chocolate?

Have a wonderful day all!

Blogger loelsh said...

Me, that's who. I could screw up melting chocolate!

December 23, 2004 11:14 AM

Blogger ghraper said...

I can't believe I ate the whole thing!

December 23, 2004 11:41 PM


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