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Saturday, February 12, 2005

I'm Done

Today my hubby and I tried to potty train our son again. It was going pretty well till my hubby had to leave to go to work. Apparently all his co-workers are complete morons who can't get anything accomplished without my husband's assistance. He left around 1 and I haven't seen him since.

So, I was stuck all by myself trying to keep a constant eye my two year old. The boy thought it would be best to pee on the kitchen floor and on the couch. He also pooped in his big boy pants right after he had been sitting on the potty. He is such a sneak! I then decided to quit for the night and put a diaper on him. 5 minutes later, as I was about to change his newly soiled diaper, he throws up not once, but twice! It splashed all over him, me, his toys, his bed, the floor, and the rug. I clean up the floor and start up a bath for him. As I am cleaning his toys in the bathroom sink while he is bathing, he poops in the tub!!! How great is my day going?!!!

You know what? I am tired of trying to potty train him before he is ready. I would love to have him trained by three and to not have to buy any more diapers, but he is just not ready. I am tired attempting to fill the expectations of other people. I know what the experts say. All I am saying is that I tried, and my almost three year old is just not ready. The experts do say that boys take longer then girls-a lot of boys are not trained till 4.

Maybe I would feel differently about the whole potty training thing if my hubby was here to help...maybe not.

To sum it up:
-My 35 mon old will prob not be trained by three
-I don't give a rat's you know what
-He is not ready
-I am okay with this
-Everyone else can screw themselves
-Have a nice day!

Blogger A Woman From Illinois said...


Society puts way too much emphasis on potty training by a certain age. They will let you know when they are ready, and when they are not.

February 13, 2005 1:09 PM

Blogger Guru said...

Don't worry about it. Obviously, it takes more than a day or two to get it down. At some point, he'll start going in el juan.

As long as you get it done afore he is 18, I don't think it's a problem :-)

February 13, 2005 11:04 PM


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