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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Clomid Part 2

I got my blood work results back today. (I had to go through that again since the first time was inconclusive.) I was told that my ovulation was borderline, so they are not sure if I am actually ovulating or not. So, Clomid was again brought up.

I am still considering whether or not to go on this drug. I did find a few more blogs today talking about it. The woman were actually very positive about Clomid. Quite a few of them had full term pregnancies. I also found some discussion boards talking about the drug with many more successful birth stories.

A very good friend of mine, PJ, will be taking this drug shortly. This is something we could so together. If we have the side effects, we will experiencing them together! How fun would that be?! I think taking risks like this is always more fun with a friend.

So in other words, I think I have decided to go ahead and take Clomid. If nothing happens in three months, I will stop. But, at least I will have a friend with me along the way.

Thanks PJ!


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