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Thursday, June 29, 2006


Thirteen things Trinity13's family is doing for the next 10 days.

1. I have yet another church meeting tonight.
2. I had one yesterday as well...from 7-10:30pm.
3. Tomorrow I have to send out a ton of emails to different church people as well as type up the notes from tonight's meeting.
4. Sunday my hubby is on praise team again, so he will be at the church from 7-12:30pm.
5. Then he has band practice that night here at our 8 people will be jamming in 'The Cave' that night.
6. Monday is another band practice, but this one will be at my parent's church (where they will be performing on Thursday).
7. I'll have to go with my hubby to the practice since I'm running their power-point.
8. Tuesday my hubby is on call (for 7 properties), so I hope he doesn't have to leave our Fourth of July celebration to go perform maintenance somewhere.
9. Wednesday of next week I have to help my mom prepare dinner for 50 people that will be meeting at her church...and then have another meeting.
10. That same night the band is practicing and I'm running their power-point again.
11. Thursday I will be running around town transporting people for the big church event on Friday and Saturday (the event I've been attending all the meetings for...I'll post more about it later). My hubby's band will be leading worship for another meeting I will be attending that night.
12. Friday and Saturday will be spent at the church event...with a banquet that Friday night that I have to help with. I also have to man a merchandise table Thursday and Friday night for the event.
13. Saturday evening I will be resting and catching my breath for the first time in a week.

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Blogger Cheeky said...

Wow - and I thought I was busy - don't forget to schedule some down time.

I played too

June 29, 2006 9:28 AM

Blogger Guru said...

Got a lot going on. Have fun in all you do!

My TT is up.

June 29, 2006 9:37 AM

Blogger Janet said...

man, you are BUSY! Take some time for yourself, too :-)

Thanks for stopping by!

June 29, 2006 9:47 AM

Blogger Oh great One said...

Girl you ARE pregnant you know. You better leave some time for you and your littlest one.

June 29, 2006 9:57 AM

Blogger Carmen said...

It's a holiday. Take some time to kick back with a summer drink and enjoy yourself a bit. :)

June 29, 2006 10:06 AM

Blogger Jana said...

Man, that's a busy week!

I responded to your comment on my wedding post...

June 29, 2006 10:32 AM

Blogger Princess21 said...

I will be with ya from Thursday on, girl friend!!!!


June 29, 2006 10:39 AM

Blogger Trish said...

Wow! Glad you scheduled some "me" time on Saturday night! :)

Happy TT! Mine are up.

June 29, 2006 12:03 PM

Blogger d.challener roe said...

Sounds like a busy week.

My 13 is up.

June 29, 2006 12:25 PM

Blogger Tricia said...

You sound so busy! I hope you have some fun on the weekend.

June 29, 2006 12:58 PM

Blogger Great Day said...

Have some fun and enjoy all your busy-ness!
I wish I was more active in my church!

June 29, 2006 2:32 PM

Blogger The Great and Powerful Oz said...


Now THAT is what I call...a busy "Beaver"!!!!

seVIIn will try to bring it....and then fade to black......

Sad.....very sad....

Seems like we just got to where we were gonna start to "get somewhere"...then "BAM"...this was a hard wall for me to hit...because at 46 years old...who the heck ELSE is gonna want me to sing for their band? good as seVIIn was...I don't wanna sing in a band that is not as good as seVIIn is/was?

Looks like it's time for Plan "B"

I'm done now...just trying to get over my sadness...this seems to help a bit.

Rant mode off...

June 29, 2006 4:01 PM

Blogger Reverberate58 said...

Glad you added the rest day in there or I would have started to worry! Lots of meeting, music and fun it sounds like!
My T13 is up. Hope you are having a Terrific Thursday!

June 29, 2006 4:49 PM

Blogger Missi said...

wow you are busy!

June 29, 2006 5:09 PM

Blogger loelsh said...

Sounds like you got enough stuff going on to keep you busy.

I finally got my TT up for this week!

June 29, 2006 5:11 PM

Blogger Kendra said...

Busy Busy Busy....Take a break every once in a while.

June 29, 2006 5:31 PM

Blogger FRIDAY'S CHILD said...

Phew! That's lots of things to do for someone preggy. Don't overdo it.
Thanks for dropping by.

June 29, 2006 9:12 PM


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