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Monday, June 12, 2006

Sick Day

I wish I could take a sick day today...but being a sahm, I have no such luck. I hate complaining , but I have been in a lot of pain for the past two days. My back has been killing me and I have had weird twitches in my abdominal area. I think it's just the baby getting bigger, but he must have a foot in my ribs as well as against my spine. I have been feeling him a lot more, and have even felt a little kick (unless that was gas!), but I just feel so uncomfortable right now. I think I had better go lie down.

Btw, the wedding was beautiful! I have never been to a wedding where they have the ceremony and the reception in the same room. Instead of rows of chairs, there were about 30 tables set up. We had an assigned table that we sat at the entire time. It was different, but really neat!

Have a great Monday!!!

Blogger Jana said...

I know what you mean - it sure would be nice if SAHMs could have sick days! Hope you're feeling better soon, and take it easy!

June 12, 2006 9:42 AM

Blogger Princess21 said...

Poor Trinity!!! I hope you have an easy day and you feel better soon!!! :)

Let me know if I can get you anything!!!!!

June 12, 2006 1:10 PM

Blogger Internet Street Philosopher said...

What baby? congrats to that! I haven't been here in ages! Come by the blog and don't be a stranger!

June 12, 2006 2:15 PM

Blogger War Eagle said...

Sorry to hear ur not feeling good. I hate being sick.

June 12, 2006 7:20 PM

Blogger Barbara said...

Trinity13 - I hope the aches and pains are temporary. Glad you had a good time at the wedding!

June 12, 2006 8:56 PM

Blogger Jennboree said...

I noticed aches and pains coming earlier with this second baby. And OMG, do I get worn out being a SAHM!

Here's hoping you can take a relaxing bath at some point and hug a good body pillow later :)

June 12, 2006 9:38 PM

Blogger deputyswife said...

Take it easy girl! I think I felt more stomach twinges with my second and third pregnancies. My OBGYN said it was because my stomachvmuscles were more sensitive because they had already been stretched out once. Odd, huh? If it keeps up though, you give your OB a call! That is what they are there for!!!

June 13, 2006 12:17 AM

Blogger Trinity13 said...

I should be in our contract Jana!

Thanks PJ!!!

Will do SP...thanks for stoppin!

It's a pain War Eagle!

Thanks Barbara!

I am def more uncomfortable this time around Jennboree!

Makes sense DW...even my c-sec scar has been annoying me!

June 13, 2006 11:32 AM


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