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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Spaghetti Legs

I feel so weak today. All that jumping and working out on my mini trampoline has made my legs feel like jello. I am even a little shaky when I walk.

I changed the time that I normally exercise from during Dr Phil to early in the morning. I now wake up, get dress, and work out till the red-head shows up. I usually get 20-30 min to myself this way. Then I get to shower in the morning instead of waiting till the boys nap time when I did it during the doc's show. Changing my exercising time has allowed me to get it done and out of the way for the day.

The only bad thing that comes with exercising so early in the morning is that it makes me so tired. I barely got through the day yesterday because I was so exhausted. I hope today will be better. It has to get better.

The boys were crazy yesterday as well. The youngest would cry for no reason and he would make the other two upset. There were several points throughout the morning that all three would be looking at each other and crying. I can deal with crying, but not crying for no reason. Some how I made it through the day in one piece.

Diet life is grand!


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