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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Found It!

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Here is the nasty pic of me in my pink flower girl dress. My grandma happens to love the pic and even has it framed along with some of the leftover flowers...crazy grandmas!!! Not only am I wearing pink, but my hair is nasty. A few months before this pic was taken, my hair was down to my waist. For some weird reason my mom decided to cut my hair and then perm it. So I look like I have a mullet in the pic! Not good!!!

This picture was also from my aunt's first wedding. So you can see why I have a problem with pink being the main wedding color for her second wedding. I just had a bad experience...heehee!!! But I hope my mom looks better in pink since she's one of the bridesmaids.

Blogger Better Safe Than Sorry said...

ok, well that pic is adorable, i know you're not seeing it, but it is adorable.
my son is a redhead too and he doesn't do pink either, but he does do red!!!

January 25, 2006 1:42 PM

Blogger Jana said...

That is cute. Though you're right: pink isn't your color.

January 25, 2006 4:46 PM

Blogger Faith in Florida said...

If I was a grandma, I'd frame that picture too. It's cute.

January 25, 2006 4:46 PM

Blogger Viamarie said...

I don't know why you don't like pink, but looking at your picture, you look lovely in it. Why not try wearing it again, who knows you will look lovelier the second time around.

January 25, 2006 5:52 PM

Blogger Oh great One said...

Aren't you a cutie!

January 25, 2006 9:54 PM

Blogger Chrixean said...

What an adorable picture! Don't worry, your hair looked fine. I had worst 'dos than that (apple-cut style, *shudder*). And i think, for any little girl, pink is always the right color. :-)

January 25, 2006 10:05 PM

Blogger ghraper said...

You were(and still are) SOOOO adorable honey!

I'd be so very thankful & proud to have a daughter as beautiful as you someday.

The dress would have been better in another color, but unfortunately they didn't have you help pick them out.

January 25, 2006 10:26 PM

Blogger DayByDay4-2Day said...

Why is it that those first haircuts around that age alwasy come out strange. I had curly hair and my aunt took me and got me a shag (yes a shag) when I was 5 or 6. Talk about a mess.

January 26, 2006 7:55 AM

Blogger Princess21 said...

How totally cute are you!!!! Oh my!!! I think you look great in just have to find the right shade is all! Thanks for sharing the pic!

January 30, 2006 12:26 PM


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