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Friday, January 07, 2005

The ABC's Of My Week

I stole this post idea from another blog found here.

-Alias. I love it when girls kick butt!
-Banans. I have eaten at least two every day this week.
-Crotchet. Just about finished with my first afghan(I'll post a pic of it soon).
-Dr. Phil. The Man(need I say more).
-Exercising. Is twice a day enough?
-Food. This is always on my mind.
-Grace, Topher. A skinny nerd, but I love him. (He is soo cute!)
-Household chores. Do they ever end?
-Inside. I spent most of my time this week indoors, out of the rain.
-Jumpy. Tae-Bo baby, yeah! Get off your feet and exercise.
-Kitty. My cat is really getting big. She now has a fat belly.
-Lord of the Rings. Book I've been reading off & on for a few months now.
-Muscles. Yup, I actually worked them this week.
-New Diet. Just started Monday, as you all know.
-Officer Down. Columbus police officer was killed this week while on duty.
-Poopy diapers. I change the red head at leat three times a day, all poop.
-Quite time. I only get a fews hours of this during the boy's nap.
-Red head step child. He drove me crazy this week.
-States. With his new leapad, my 2 year old is learning his states.
-The Village. One of my favorite movies will be out on dvd this Tuesday!
-Ummmm..... Donuts.
-Vitamins(taken daily). Part of the reason why I don't get sick often.
-Why? I have been questioning a lot recently.
-Xander Harris. He got his eye poked out on Buffy this week(rerun).
-Year 25. That's right, I will be 25 in less than a month.
-Zoo. What my home was like on Monday. Crazy Boys!

Okay, I know that I wasn't very creative with my letters, but you just try it! I dare ya!


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