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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

How Cool Is This?!

Okay, I'm sittin here on my couch blogging on my new laptop! I feel so free! I am no longer tied down to the computer in the basement. I can surf on the couch, in bed, or even in the bathroom! I'm lovin it!!!

Tonight I have the red heads here. I was supposed to babysit them (so their parents could go to a hockey game) till 9, but that didn't make sense to me. Their parents would pick them up asleep, then wake them up in the morning to bring to me. So I just offered to keep them overnight free of charge. They love playing with my son, so we had a great night together.

Life is grand (man, I haven't used that phrase in a while)!!!

(Btw, thanks need to go out to my computer guru for changing my comments! So...thanks!!!!)

Blogger ghraper said...

I'm so very glad you are enjoying your gift sweetheart! Isn't that freedom wonderful?

Cool comment code.

December 29, 2005 12:04 AM

Blogger Trinity13 said...

Oh yes honey!!! Thanks again for the gift!

December 29, 2005 12:08 AM

Blogger Viamarie said...

That was a lot of celebration hopping. I had a splendid time too with my family on Christmas Eve and the in-laws of my daughter on Christmas day. I did not mind all the preparations becuase I love making everyone happy. What I really enjoyed was watching my grand nephew who is 1 year and 5 months old in his santa costume. He would clap his hands and shout with joy everytime someone would open a gift. But I also felt sad that night because my daddy was not with us although I know in spirit he was.

December 29, 2005 4:52 AM

Blogger Princess21 said...

Even in the bathroom!! That is awesome!!!

I want my comment thing changed too!!! Can you share this computer guru??

December 29, 2005 9:13 AM

Blogger DayByDay4-2Day said...

It wouldn't be fare for you not to tell us how to do that....Please!!! I'm beggin on my knees!

December 29, 2005 9:49 AM

Blogger Guru said...

It is a little bit of a complicated mixture of Javascript and the Blogger-specific server side tags.

But, I would gladly do it for anyone who wanted me to.

Right now, Trinity has custom comment expressions for all values 0-7 comments and then the 8th comment and above gets the standard comment.

If you want it done for you, you just need to get me a copy of your template and the text of what you want it to say for each number of comments.

My email is guru7777 and that is at the most excellent gmail.

If you send me an email with the template attached and your custom comments, I will get it back to you as soon as possible.

December 29, 2005 11:34 AM

Blogger Trinity13 said...

Aww, I'm sorry about your dad Viamarie. We to didn't have my mil with us in our celebrations.

Silly PJ, click on the link to see who the computer guru is!!!

Check out Guru's comment Day!

How much are ya chargin Guru...heehee!!!! Thanks again!

December 29, 2005 11:39 AM

Blogger Princess21 said...

I know who he is!! And all of that sounds pretty complicated. So I guess I will just stick with what I have!

December 29, 2005 11:57 AM

Blogger Trinity13 said...

He'll do it all for ya PJ, but you have to let him mess with your template for a bit. And ya would need to think of what your new commments would say...that's all!

December 29, 2005 1:06 PM

Blogger Dirk the Feeble said...

Did I hear you just say that you offered free overnight child care?

December 29, 2005 3:45 PM

Blogger Trinity13 said...

Maybe Armaedes! Why, you need me to babysit you overnight sometime?! Heehee!!!

December 29, 2005 3:55 PM

Blogger Lori said...

You must be in heaven with your new gift. I would never get off if I had a treasure like that. Enjoy!

December 29, 2005 4:08 PM

Blogger War Eagle said...

My dad does that some times. He even surfs from the back porch occasionally. Sometimes, I wish I had a laptop too.

December 29, 2005 7:02 PM

Blogger Chrixean said...

Hi Trinity! I'm loving your comments codes! Was considering taking up Guru's offer, but to have to send the template for tweaking and stuff just seems a little too complicated. hehe.
Anyways, glad you're enjoying your new gift -- i know I would if i got that for Christmas :-P
Happy New Year!

December 29, 2005 9:18 PM

Blogger Trinity13 said...

It's so hard to get off Revswife! I know I should be going to bed, but I just can't seem to detach myself from my laptop.

You should get on War Eagle. My hubby got this one pretty cheap at Best Buy!

Thanks Chrixean! Happy New Year to you too!!!

December 30, 2005 12:27 AM

Blogger M. C. Pearson said...

I may have to use your guru too!

December 30, 2005 4:12 AM

Blogger Trinity13 said...

Go for it MC!

January 01, 2006 3:01 AM


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